Cell Phones In Public

I hate it when…..

I hate it when I am at a public place and all I hear is loud talking on a cell phone.  No matter where you go there is always someone on their cell phone talking.  I don’t mind it but I don’t need to know what your baby daddy’s new girlfriend is doing.  Normally people talk discreetly however, some people don’t know they are talking loudly.  That is probably the most annoying issue with me.

Now there are times when I am standing in line and the person in front of me is too busy talking on their cell phone.  Standing in line in a grocery store at the busiest hour has to be the worst.  For example, I stood in the 15 items or less line in a grocery store and really needed to go to the bathroom.  It was too late to go.  The line is long and the lady in front of me has more than 15 items and is on her cell phone.  I don’t object to having more items than however, what I do object is your standing there not getting into your wallet preparing to pay.  You’re too busy chatting away while the cashier is waiting for you to either get off the phone or start getting into your wallet.  I’m sure the cashier is thinking the same as I am.  “Get off your damn phone!”.  The poor cashier only wants to get through the line as quickly as possible.  After payment is made do you think the lady stopped talking on the phone?  Nope, she still continued on and walked out chatting away.  That is very annoying. 

Walmart is another store where there are mostly annoying occurrences.  Not only do you hear “what he said or she said” mess, you also have the children running around causing chaos.  Not only causing chaos but screaming and crying.  You would think that would get people off their cell phones.  Nope, that doesn’t stop them.  The children crying and screaming and you are there ignoring and continue with your conversations.  It only gets worse the longer you stay in the store.  

I remember I had a flight delay in Houston.  I had to wait like everybody else.  When I wait I like to read my book to pass the time.  Yeah, it is really hard to read while somebody is chatting loudly on their phone.  There is always one person who does that.  Who cares if you have a “bad rash”.  I don’t need to know that and I’m sure the rest of the airport doesn’t want to know either.  I just stare at that person until they stop talking.  I’m sure it’s annoying to them.  Believe me, the feeling is mutual.

Please be considerate while in a public setting and be aware of your surroundings.  I like good gossip but sometimes “TMI” is given and I don’t want to hear it.

people on phone


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