I hate it when…..

I hate it when you are driving to a certain destination and for some reason that day, you are surrounded by reckless drivers.  We all live in an area where there are so many drivers who do not obey traffic laws.  I pretty sure whoever invented such laws where for a good reason.  I’m a very patience driver but there are times I want to rage on the road.  There is a list of bad habits have while driving.

  • Drivers who do not use their signal light.
  • Drivers who are on their cell phone and not paying attention.
  • Drivers who cut you off and almost hit you.
  • Drivers who speed right past you and there is no cop in sight.
  • Drivers who actually use their signal light but do not make a turn.
  • Drivers who do not pay attention when crossing a 4-way stop.
  • Drivers who do not turn when the green arrow light is on.
  • Drivers who do not know how to yield.
  • Drivers who tailgate you.
  • Drivers who speed through a school zone.

I’m sure there are other issues we all face on the road.  The sad part is there is nothing we can do about it.  Sometimes I wonder how half the population was given a driver’s license.

The turning signal is probably too much for the driver to use the left stick by the steering wheel.

When you see someone on their cell phone and know the driver is not paying attention drives me crazy.  That’s how tragedy occurs.  How is it there is never a cop in sight to ticket those drivers, but when I do it that’s when I get caught.

I remember a time driving on the freeway minding my own business when all of the sudden a car cuts me off and almost hits my car.  That seriously annoys me.  How careless and reckless can you be and not take any consideration of other people?  The safety and wellbeing are important while driving.  There could be children in the vehicle.

I know some of the population do use their signal light to turn.  But there are occurrences when they actually use it but don’t make the turn.  I did notice drivers that seem to be elderly do that.  They drive for one mile with the signal light, then after that mile, they make the turn.  Or they just forgot to turn off their signal light.  In a way, it does annoy me because I’m still waiting for the driver to turn.

The 4-way stop.  Do I need to say more?

I know there is a time you should not take off once the green light turns green for the reason of people passing the red light.  I understand that.  What I don’t understand is the driver is not moving at all.  By the time the driver realizes he or she could have turned, the green arrow is gone.  Not paying attention is probably a distraction from the cell phone.  You honk for the driver to turn and then they flip you off.  Hmmm…..the coast is clear to had made that turn two minutes ago.

Yielding in certain areas do not take skill to do.  Why is it drivers don’t know how.  Like I said before, how is it people were given a driver’s license.  We had to take a driving test and study the driving manual that explains rules and regulations.

The tailgating issue is really a bad situation.  There are sometimes two lanes to drive on.  “Come on Driver just go around me into the next lane where there are no cars”.  It’s simple as that but no……you want to drive on my bumper.  I swear their car is connected to your bumper and dragging along with you attached.

Speeding through a school zone boggles my mind.  The school zone is set for a purpose.  There are children walking and getting picked up by their parents.  How is it I go the speed I’m supposed to but other cars pass me up speeding.  You know they are not going  15mph.  There is never a cop around when you did one.

I know it seems I am complaining but haven’t experienced these occurrences.  I just hate it when these things happen and there is no justice for these events.  I guess we can’t live in a perfect world.  Until next time.

Video Of Bad Drivers In Texas

driver sign



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