Ares: Defender of Muttville Part 2

    “At last you show yourself.”  “Let the citizens go Sheba!”  Sheba hissed at he hero.  “Why do you care for these mutts?”  The Defender inched closer to the evil villain.  “Don’t come any closer!”  Shouts the villain.  The Defender took another step forward.  The evil villain hissed and grabbed an innocent citizen and put his terrible claw toward her throat.  The citizen yelped.  “Let her go!” Yelled the hero.  “I think I’ll hang on to this mutt.”  The Defender used his super speed to grab the citizen held hostage and flew her to safety.  The hero faced Sheba.  “You have tortured these for the last time Sheba!”  “Oh I don’t think so.  There will be another time.”  Sheba made a loud sharp hissing sound and the followers of Sheba fled the scene.

The citizens cheered in happiness.  Before the Defender fled, he approached to a certain citizen who not just moments ago was held by the evil Sheba.  Slowly he approached, “Are you alright?” The citizen respond, “I don’t know yet.” “You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” said the Defender.  The citizen didn’t respond to the hero. The hero raised his right paw and gently touched the citizen’s cheek. And with that the hero flew away.

     Meanwhile from a distance standing on the roof of the building not far from Muttville, stands the evil Sheba.  With the villain, stands his second in command, Raynark.  The evil Sheba hissed, “So, he has a weakness after all. Maybe I need to take a different approach.”  “What will you do?” asked Raynark.  “When the time is right we’ll get what we want.”


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