The Shack

A girl walks alone at night in a small town. The small town is located near the woods. A boy who was a runaway followed the girl into the woods. The boy had been a runaway for a week. He would usually spot the girl walking into the woods. He decided out of curiosity where in the wood the girl disappeared into. He kept quiet and used stealth to keep up with the girl. He could only describe the girl as pale as a ghost with red lips and wore a blood red cloak.

Going deeper into the woods the girl came across a shack. The boy continued following the girl in the cloak with curiosity. When getting closer to the shack the boy heard noises coming from the shack. He couldn’t make out what kind of noise it was. It seemed the girl can feel the presence of the boy following her. She stopped and looked behind her to see what she felt. The boy quickly hid behind a tree. The girl in the cloak continued walking toward the shack. Once inside the noises stopped. The boy approached the shack and looked to see if there was a window to peak in. The shack looked worn down and old and looking to crumble down. He found a small window to peak in and could not see anything inside. Silently he opened the door and walked in. It wasn’t very big. There was no one in sight. What he did notice is a small latch on the floor with a handle.

He opened the latch and was shocked to what he found. The girl in the cloak was standing in front of bodies hanging on hooks. He is wishing now he never ran away from home. Could he be dreaming. Who is this girl in the cloak that seems mysterious. She turned around and spotted the boy looking at her. She had sharp ragged teeth. Teeth looked like for biting into bone. She hissed at the boy and quickly try to grab him. The boy was quicker and started running out of the hidden room and out of the shack. He ran away from the shack to get away from her. He enter the small town and headed toward the sheriff’s office.

The boy told the sheriff what he saw and begged him to go into the woods. The sheriff along with his deputies followed the boy into the woods. The shack appeared and the sheriff’s department walked inside the shack and opened the hatch. The sheriff went inside the hatch to take a look around. He came out of the hatch and asked the boy where were the bodies he spoke of. He claimed the bodies were there hanging on hooks. The hatch and the shack were cleaned out and empty out. The boy was confused now. The sheriff took him back to his parents and explained to his parents the boy made need therapy.

The boy  was back home and vowed to never runaway again. The next night while he slept in his bed he heard a noise coming from his window. Debating if he should take a look he remembered his curiosity got him in trouble. The boy went back to sleep to only be awakened again. He opened his eyes and screamed at what he saw. The figure looking over him hissing her sharp ragged teeth screaming a horrific cry. It was the girl in the cloak who walked in the woods at night. 


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