At Dusk

Walking along the cemetery at dusk thinking on how my life is. I wonder if there are spirits watching me walking along the cemetery. Nah. It’s fiction. Not real. I shouldn’t really be alone at dusk walking along the cemetery. Could be dangerous. Anyone can attack me at any moment. Nearby the cemetery is a bench that has dirt and leaves. I go sit down and watch the night sky. Looking at the stars hoping for a shooting star. I can make a wish. I take out my cell phone to see whats happening on Twitter. Nothing is interesting to me. Usually the same tweets over and over again.

I glanced up and see in a corner of my eye a shadow. The shadow is by a tombstone that I can see. Being curious I walked over to the cemetery toward the tombstone. I know Stupid! As I approached the tombstone, the shadow disappears. I continue looking around in the cemetery to see if I see that lonely shadow. Needless to say, the shadow does not appear again. As I walk away from the cemetery I hear moaning sounds. I turn around and I see figures in the cemetery.

There are a few figures approaching, now there are hundreds. I stand there like a fool shutting my eyes and opening them and hope it’s my imagination. Sadly it’s not my imagination. As the figures approach closer to me, the view of what kind of figure they are is clear now. Zombies! Oh no! I take out my 9mm Ruger LC9 and start shooting. I run away heading toward home. They are still coming. Since when did zombies run? I turn around and shoot again. I don’t have that many bullets. I have more ammo at home. If only I can get there. Why did I decide to take a long walk. Next time I’ll drive. They keep getting closer. Zombies are catching up to me. I shoot again. Now they are way too close to me. One of them grabs my arm trying to chomp on my arm. AAHHH!

I wake up in a sweat. It was only a dream. Thank goodness. It is now morning. I walk toward the cemetery without fear. I sit down on the bench and look at the cemetery. It was a silly dream. I chuckle at the thought. It’s daytime. I still carried my gun. You never know. As I rise from the bench I hear a crackling sound. I turn around and to my shock.




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