Ares, Defender Of Muttville

“I must change into my costume”. TaDaDaDaaaaa……..!!!!! The evil crossed-eyed villain made his way again into Muttville. “I must protect the weak and those who cannot protect themselves.” TaDaDaDaaaaaa…….!!!!! The alleyway is where he changed into his costume. The defender wore blue boots, blue collar with the symbol “A” and a cape, the color of cobalt. TaDaDaDaaaaa……!!!!!! He flew across Muttville hunting the evil villain cat named Sheba. Once again, Sheba caused havoc to get his revenge against the defender, setting the citizens of Muttville into distressed. Sheba wore a black cloak with gold lining around the hood hiding his scratched face. The scratch was a reception received by the defender. Sworn enemies for life. Or until either one dies. There, Sheba with his minions terrorizing the citizens demanding loyalty to him. The citizens crying for their hero hoping he will arrive soon. Sheba’s minions known as the “Shebans” forcing citizens to bow down to Sheba with threats. One particular citizen stood up to Sheba and cried out, ” We will never bow down to you villain!” Sheba walked toward the brave citizen, “Oh, really! We shall see mutt!” Sheba hissed and clawed the brave citizen’s face. The claw mark was a symbol of Sheba’s hate toward the defender and leaves an example for those who do not obey him.

“Help!!!” The defender heard from the sky. The defender used his power of sight and hearing to locate the citizen’s cry. There in the town hall square is the location of Sheba and the Shebans. TaDaDaDaaaaa……!!!!! “Swoosh!”, is the sound you hear once the defender landed. His landing was so hard as if he weigh a ton and broke the pavement from the landing. The hero stood up proudly with paws on his hips showing off his cape and collar with the “A” symbol. TaDaDaDaaaaa……!!!!

To Be Continued……..


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