Movie marathon and cleaning. 

Those two do not make a good combination.  Why is that?  Well for starters, it’s a big distraction.  I should know I get distracted a lot.  Cleaning out my closet and watching Friday The 13th movie marathon on Blue Ray.  I am half way done with extracting items out of the closet and the movie marathon. 

It isn’t that bad cleaning out my closet.  It’s amazing what you can find hidden in your closet.  I found a brand new pair of jeans.  I hope the jeans fit me.  Winter clothes that I no longer need will get put in the donation pile.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t really get that cold here in South Texas.  A year ago I removed my closet door and put up a beaded curtain.  I will more than likely change it to something else.  I haven’t decided.  Antonio Melani boots I used to wear when I worked at Dillard’s I will keep.  I can say I paid a lot of money for them, but the truth is the boots were given to me from my stepmother.  Yes the boots were brand new.  She used to be the shoe manager at Dillard’s before managing the cosmetics department.  Representatives for each brand would give her a pair of shoes.  It didn’t matter if it were men’s shoes or women’s shoes.  I had other dress shoes I put in the donation pile.  There is just no point of keeping those shoes I know I will never wear again.  I found my black sports bra I’ve been missing for a while.  Old socks with holes need to go.  My dog is somewhere in my room under a pile.  If I see something move I know its him.

It is Wednesday and I am missing WWE NXT.  You guessed it. Wrestling.  I completely forgot about it.  You see, movie marathon is distracting.  That’s what WWE Network is for.  To watch what you missed.  My old comics on top of my closet will be saved.  I will not be parting with those.

This is a nice break from cleaning.  Back to business now and watching the marathon.


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