In The Closet

Making changes is never easy. Since being on vacation I’ve been thinking about letting go of things.  I don’t mind letting go of things, it’s the work I have to do.  In the closet are things I want to get rid of.  Cleaning out my closet is a challenge I’m willing to do.  Going through my wardrobe I no longer need or want.  It’s amazing what you will find in your closet.  Old clothes, shoes, CDs, and random stuff.  Once everything is out of the closet, the challenging part is going through it all and figure out want you want to let go.  I really don’t need that many shoes.  I don’t use dress shoes.  I haven’t used heels since I’ve worked at Dillard’s over ten years ago.  I seriously doubt I will need them anymore.  As for clothes, I have to face the fact I will never fit into them again.  I’m a little chunky monkey. 

Organization is not an easy task for people like me.  I’m not very organized but willing to learn how to be more organize.  In order to organize a room or closet, you have to let go of items you no longer use.  Separate all items into containers for donation, keep, or trash.  I have a lot of DVD’s and CD’s I do not see or hear anymore.  Why do I let it take up space.  Everything is digital now and days why not get rid of them.  Half Price Book Store will probably take my DVD movies I no longer want.  Goodwill will more than likely receive all of my shoes and clothes I no longer need or fit into.  Minimize items and you will have more space in your closet.  All that means is more stuff will more than likely get added and added.  Then next year we start all over again.

I know it will be difficult to start, but once you get going there is no stopping.  The sooner the better and it will get done.  I don’t know what’s worse: cleaning out your closet or cleaning out your kitchen.  I’ve actually cleaned out my kitchen.  It was not easy but was completed.  I know I shouldn’t take breaks in between but I have to rest.  Don’t I?  Once completed I know I will be proud. 

What about you?  When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?  Do you dare to even try.


One comment

  1. I would be afraid to know what is still in my closet….I will clean it out and by clean I mean gut it out and throw everything out since I cannot even think of anything that needs to be saved since I haven’t seen it in years!


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