Dear Friend

What is one of the most interesting animal to exist.  I’ll tell you.  It is described as a tropical mammal living in Central and South America.  The mammal has 3 to 4 inches long claws and weighs the equivalent of a medium dog.  There are two kinds: a two toed and a three toed.

This mammal uses it’s 3 to 4 inches of long claws to cling onto tree branches.  The fascinated creature sleeps curled up in a ball in a tropical tree.  That is so cute.  They can sleep from 15 to 20 hours a day to avoid any association with other creatures.

These mammals mate in a tree.  Females yell a mating call or scream to let the males know she is ready to mate.  What I didn’t know is that more than one male will arrive and fight for the prize of the female.  Nice.  This fabulous mammal clings on the mother’s side for up to four years.  This type of mammal always looks to have a smile.  These fury creatures have an adorable side to them and don’t you wish you can have one as a pet and dress it up.

Can you guess what mammal. 

If you guessed a Sloth, then you are correct my friend.


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