Are apes our future?  I believe they are.  People may feel apes are not our future.  Could it be Hollywood has exaggerated on apes ruling the planet.  It can be foreseen.  I’m convinced.  Oh yes it’s true…..Apes are ruling right now as we speak.  One can say their boss is an ape. Some may say their mayor is an ape or their congressman is an ape.  Most apes are more intelligent then humans.  I so happen to know a few.

Intelligent apes can carry firearms and ride horses.  Those apes who can do that may want to conquer all.  Keep us “Humans” as slaves to do their bidding.  You would think all they would want is a “Banana”.  As I write this I sing “I believe the Apes are our future”….Apes can do most things humans can do such as smoking a cigarette or play video games.  Hell, they can even communicate with sign language.  All the experiments conducted on apes now and days with further advance their intelligence.  Thus, them taking over completely.  If not Apes, then Computers will.


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