Just when you are enjoying your meal having great conversation with friends something just catches your attention.  It’s a question you ask “Why did I look friend”.  Your friend sits across from you on her phone not noticing what’s behind her.  Hmmm……should I tell her to look.  Maybe later.  Talk about a plumber’s evening wear.  Sometimes you have to wear longer shirts to cover what’s showing behind.  Sitting here having a nice meal and in a blink of an eye you see a pale patch of crack.  “I hope nothing crawls out of that crack”. I tell myself.  It is finally reveled to friend “There is a crack on the moon”.  Why did friend have to look back curiously as if she is stretching her arms and twisting her waist.  A giggle comes out of her mouth.  HAHA……not funny friend.  Why on earth would plumber keep trying to pull down his shirt to cover “crack” knowing it keeps rising up.  “Nooooo…..stop plumber!”  More than likely you can flip a quarter in it.  I hope he doesn’t break wind.  That wind escapes quicker when crack is not covered completely. 

I always wanted to know “why”.  What I mean is “Why must he wear a short shirt and pants too tight in a public eating facility”.  No one seems to answer that question.  I guess its typical plumbers myth.  You know, the myth that every plumber is chunky monkey and squats down or bends over toward the kitchen pipe to fix.  “Surprise!”  Crack Is Whack!



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