La Lechusa

Urban Legend or Myth?  It has been said it’s an owl resembling a harpy (half owl, half woman).  My grandmother told me the tale of La Lechusa and to stay away and not stare at it. Growing up in South Texas it’s possible La Lechusa has been seen.  According to old folklore, La Lechusa was once a woman who practiced witchcraft or white magic.  Her spirit arrives in a form of an owl to seek revenge against her murders. Some folks may say she terrorizes people and could appear at anytime.  I have once seen a giant owl years ago at my grandparents. You see, my grandparents lived out in the country area outside of Corpus Christi.  More specifically, near San Patricio farm road 666.  The road says it all.  Yes, there are stories to tell. Those stories will be told another time.  My grandparents living room had two big windows facing the front of the property facing the road.  That night I was alone talking on the phone with a friend staring outside when all of the sudden I see a giant bird-like fly toward the house and land next to the light pole.  It’s wings expanded out and its head kept moving side to side.  I couldn’t help but stare in fascination and at the same time freak out a little.  I believe it was an owl.  It had a silhouette of an owl.  From what I could see the color was white but couldn’t make out it’s face.  That bird looked to be about three feet tall.  The bird would leave and fly back wait a few minutes and leave again.  It felt as the bird was watching me and trying to scare me.  This went on for about 45 minutes until my grandparents and mother came back.  I explained to my grandmother and mother what I saw while they were gone.  They both looked at me puzzled.  My grandmother said it could have been a La Lechusa or simply a big bird.  Who Knows?  I never saw or experienced that again and nor do I want to.  What do you think?  Could it be possible such mythical creatures exist? Some mysteries should stay unsolved.



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